Monday, 1 November 2010


I was recently looking through a magazine when i was pulled in by imagery that I could only describe as tasty.
It was the work of contemporary french illustrator Matthieu Bessudo aka Mcbess.

 Mcbess says "developing your style is a long process, but its rewarding- like growing a beard." the question of someones 'style' is something that is usually frowned upon ,in education at least and I have to wonder why?

I understand that one could be drawn into the trap of becoming pigeon holed like poor old Louis wane who drew cats for the majority of his illustrative career. I also understand that these things often work in trends, hot may one day be not, such as in the case of illustrator Chris Foss who suffered from the overnight shift in interest from airbrush art.

Then I look at the work of Mcbess and think, who cares? his drawings are like ink liquorish. His images are rich with the quirk and the cool, I may well end up buying one of these.

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