Monday, 1 November 2010

Charlie Bronson

I recently had the good fortune of acquiring a Charlie Bronson original or ,as he is now known- Charles Salvador, which I gave as a gift to my father for his birthday. If you think that giving someone a gift that was made by a man who spent 36 years in  solitary confinement a little strange then perhaps it is but can you say that you have ever seen a piece of art like it before? its certainly not a pretty picture.
Michael Gordon Peterson AKA Charles Bronson/Salvador was caught in 1974 for armed robbery and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment since then he has only spent 69 days as a free man the rest has mostly been in solitary confinement. The press have labelled him as Britain's most violent prisoner although he has never murdered anyone and it seems that the judicial system has turned their back on him. One of the only joys of his life in recent years has been to produce art- a privilege that was recently taken away. His drawings offer an insight into a life that the art world has never seen before, they tell the chilling story of a man in captivity, a prisoner of his own mind.


  1. Amazing and brilliant artwork! I hope his parole hearing will turn out positive.

  2. Please visit Charlie's website for more details:

    People are requested to sign the ongoing petition to help his fight for freedom: