Monday, 1 November 2010

Iain Macarthur

OK now I'm getting to the real juice

Iain Macarthur is brilliant and the only reason I have to justify that is because his intricate illustrations make my mouth water. Is it a question of taste? why is illustration so subjective? when I asked my boss he said that graphic violence in illustration is becoming common and is unsavory.
when I ask friends they appreciate mostly trendiness and graphic design esk style.
I turn it round and round in my head but still all that matters is that these images ignite my creative arousal.

Recently I was told that it is important to strip down my illustrative style to reveal a side to it that is commercially viable and in the process of pondering how to respond to that I see more and more examples of illustrators who seem to share a common goal- to produce rich and giving imagery that contains information from corner to corner and registers with an impact that is phenomenal.

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