Monday, 1 November 2010

The hunting of the snark

Henry Holiday's illustrations for the Hunting of the Snark, here it is:
roughly 134 years since the publication of the hunting for the snark and Holiday has still got it going on! take a look- if they were done yesterday he would be the only illustrator in modern day to be doing this. I don't proscribe to the idea of simplifying editorial illustration as we have seen in recent years (by this I mean the long lasting trend of naive illustration). I believe illustrators should be doing more in the way of intricacy, admittedly the subject of these images is a little on the dark side but I am referring to the skill and penmanship- such  things would surely enrich our lives today. I'm not saying make all art this way but everything has its place and I think its time that this fashion came back around.
 that we can all look forward to seeing more of this sort of "handskill" work in books, posters, magazines and advertising.

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