Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brad Holland

The Illustration industry is widely considered to be in poor shape. This is due to the growing preference for other mediums for their ability to convey a message quickly- mediums such as photography and graphic design. But what (if anything) does illustration offer that these other disciplines don't?
Good illustration to me is the marriage of rich imagery and wit. Images that follow this formula can provoke the viewers fascination, bring a body of text to life and reveal thought provoking truths about almost anything.
Brad Holland is an illustrator who is well aware of this and achieved critical success in the early 90's. His work rather than info graffics, explores the feeling, the artistry behind illustration with his painterly imagery. The message behind the majority of Brad Holland's work is often based on politcal affairs or news offering a satyrical undertone as an extra dimension to his style.

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